Micro Cement and Concrete flooring

Finishes that transform your space

Why Choose Micro Cement

Micro Cement systems allow us to create a unique surface suited to your specific needs and tastes, whether flooring, wall finishes, indoor or outdoor.

We create the perfect enviroment for home or work

By utilising the different components, colours and textures, we can create a customised micro cement solution to fit your dreams perfectly. The unlimited possibilities allow maximum design freedom for both internal and external situations.

Ideal Works Micro Cement UK
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Perfect for renovation and restoration

Flexible and innovative micro cement solutions can be used with minimal disruption.
Whether minimal thickness or maximum depth is available, we have the solution.
Our systems can be used internally or externally on both new and existing buildings:

Walls - Floors - Design Features - Kitchens - Bathrooms
Micro Cement UK


Discover the range of micro cement products to find the right finish for your requirements.
UK Micro Cement Installer


From indoor to outdoor applications, our micro cement styles and uses are infinite and beautiful.

Unrepeatable Beauty

Every surface is a unique work of art

As an Ideal Work® authorised installer, you can be sure that our micro cement systems and solutions provide the unique, attractive, valuable finish which can only be provided by our craftsmen and high quality materials.

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