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Custom Made Coatings
Indoor Micro Cement UK

Living Room

The living area is usually dedicated to conviviality and relaxation. With our Ideal Work®’s surfaces the space where you spend most of the time at home acquires elegance and a seamless, contemporary ambience.
UK Bathroom Micro Cement Installer


Microtopping® micro-cement is the perfect solution for those who want a seamless, innovative tactile surface, able to give any environment a unique look.
Indoor Bedroom Micro Cement UK


Personalise your bedroom renovation and design. Choose the floor or the coating you like, customize it according to your own taste and let us create your modern interior.
UK Kitchen Micro Cement Installer


The ideal solutions to design or renovate the floor, the walls and the countertop of your kitchen. Choose a customizable coating for the kitchen countertop or the wall and combine it with a design floor.
Indoor Restaurant Micro Cement UK


Character and style for any kind of space.
Indoor Walls Micro Cement UK


Coat any wall or surface with the colours and effects.
Staircases Micro Cement Installer


Make your staircases a stunning design element.
UK Furniture Micro Cement Installer


Indoor Bedroom Micro Cement UK


For environments where pedestrian traffic is high and require abrasion and impact resistant floors.
UK Office Micro Cement Installer


Long-lasting design solutions to create or renovate the floor and the walls of your office.
Retail Micro Cement UK


Solutions for store and commercial environments which provide durable and easily maintained floors and coatings.
UK Public Places Micro Cement Installer

Public Places

Absolute resistance and timeless reliability. Perfect solutions for public places.