Make any space unique

Cement Microtopping® is perfect for creating continuous, innovative and tactile surfaces that can make any space unique, whether it is a minimal modern environment and the main feature, or a classic, rustic or vintage environment, where it completes the style with refined discretion.

We can customise Microtopping® to match any decor, choosing shades and creating glossy, clouded, or acid stained effects to make it exactly the way you want it.

Idealwork Microtopping Cement Installer in the UK
Microtopping Cement Installer in the UK

Innovative Material:
Renew the surface in just 3 millimetres

With just three millimetres of thickness, microcement Microtopping® allows us to renew existing surfaces on different bases (concrete, self-levelling, ceramic, wood…) without having to remove them.

Microtopping® is extremely resistant to changes in climate, easy to clean and fast to install. It is also perfect where underfloor heating is used.

From continuity to your ideas:
Goodbye to visible joints and interruption lines

Cement Microtopping® is the ideal solution when you don't want visible joints as it allows us to create continuous surfaces, both internally and externally, without unsightly lines.

Its extraordinary features make it ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard or masonry walls, stairs, bathrooms and shower enclosures. Cement Microtopping® gives space to your ideas without interrupting lines.

Microtopping Cement Installer in the UK
Microtopping Cement Installer in the UK

Colours, effects, finishes:
The aesthetic of cement has no limits

Thanks to the colour options that come with Microcement Topping, it is possible to mix endless colour combinations of microcement.

The colour intensity and tone will vary depending on the amount of product diluted in the polymer and the type (white or grey) of the Microtopping used.

We can achieve glossy, clouded or acidified effects and create velvets and decorative inserts for unique, personalised finishes, with great aesthetic impact and elegance.