Make every space characterful and unique

Perfect for covering any type of vertical surface such as plasterboard or masonry walls, stairwells, bathrooms, hotel and office halls, shops, lounge, living room and kitchen walls and, of course, to make your bedroom unique.

We can provide several Microtopping Textures, with sophisticated designs that offer a wide choice, with all the flexibility of Microtopping.

Microtopping Texture is a versatile coating that embellishes each type of environment with style.

Ideal for a modern aesthetic made of essential and minimal environments, yet still warm and welcoming, creating serene and relaxing atmospheres.

It lends itself equally to spaces requiring a classic style, finely chiselling the furniture.

Microtopping Texture’s aesthetic qualities and practical application also makes it suitable for shops, showrooms, museums, restaurants and hotels.

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Micro Cement Wall Topping in the UK
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