The strong, decisive and industrial look

Nuvolato Architop is a blend of cement and other ingredients which, with an applied depth of just 3-4 mm, allows us to overcome the thickness and weight limits of traditional (smooth/sleek) concrete, whilst maintaining its beauty and robustness. This is possible yet still allows care and attention to detail, creating a high aesthetic value in a range of colour options.

Idealwork Microtopping Architop Installer in the UK
Microtopping Architop Cement Installer in the UK

Usage Suggestions

The effect obtained is that of a continuous, jointless surface that meets the flooring demands of not only modern minimalist dwellings, but also industrial-style lofts, public areas, exhibitions, and commercial spaces.

No need for removal of the existing slab, ideal for renovations. We can install Nuvolato Architop both internally and externally and apply it to any solid, prepared substrate, even when underfloor heating is present. It is ideal for renovating existing floors made of concrete, ceramic, marble or sand-cement screeds without removal of the old surface.

High Resistance Levels

Due to its high strength and adhesive properties, Nuvolato Architop is also recommended for the restoration of large industrial and commercial floors or indeed any flatwork area subjected to high traffic. Nuvolato Architop® is particularly suitable for external use as it provides excellent resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking and frost.

Architop Micro Cement Installer in the UK
Ideaworks Architop Micro Cement Installer in the UK

Your choice of finish

The concept of Nuvolato Architop® allows the client great flexibility in aesthetic and design options: we can supply a range of 29 standard colours which, combined with the characteristic cloud effect (dynamic nuances) typical of aged concrete, provide an almost endless range of finishes. The level of homogeneous or cloudy effect of the finish is created in collaboration with the designer. Like solid concrete, we can treat it with coloured chemical stains to obtain even more original and exclusive paving finishes.